ELECTION: Conservative posters vandalised in Gosport

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The Conservative Party candidate for Gosport, Caroline Dineage, has accused Labour supporters of defacing her campaign posters and a Conservative supporters car today.

Ms Dinenage made the claims on Twitter this morning, before deleting the tweet 15 minutes later.

The tweet said: ‘So kind of Alan Durrant and Gosport Labour Party to daub not only all my posters in red paint but also a supporters car! #VoteConservative’.

Mr Durrant said he had apologised to Ms Dinenage but also said a formal complaint will be issued about the incident as he feels it may have been done to deliberately effect the election result.

He said: ‘I responded by saying sorry to Caroline; the Gosport Labour Party does not condone vandalism.

‘I’m concerned that it was a deliberate attempt to skew the result of the election.

‘I feel that this is against the electoral rules and I’ve asked the regional Labour Party to see if there’s a case for this to be taken further legally.

‘She took it off about 15 minutes afterwards, so obviously she realised the implications.’

Mr Durrant said he is concerned the Twitter spat may have a detrimental impact on his chances of election.

He explained: ‘The damage has already been done; people have already seen it, so as far as I’m concerned it’s a major issue.’

Ms Dinenage responded to Mr Durrant’s claims, saying that the tweet was not aimed at him directly, despite tagging him in the tweet.

She said: ‘It wasn’t aimed at Alan, I wanted him to be aware of it.

‘A load of my posters were daubed with Vote Labour all over them. We woke up to find out that someone’s car was also daubed, which is criminal damage.

‘I wasn’t very happy about that.’