Emsworth bungalows swamped by flood waters

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HOUSEHOLDERS voiced their fury today as they tried to pump water out of their flooded homes.

At least three bungalows were swamped by water at Emsworth during the night. Residents were woken as flood water burst into the back of their homes.

Gordon Coleman outside his flooded bungalow at Emsworth

Gordon Coleman outside his flooded bungalow at Emsworth

Firefighters were called to Selangor Avenue at 3.30am after 2ft deep water flowed down a field backing onto the A27 and gushed into people’s homes.

Crews say that at least two of the properties were ruined.

Havant crew manager Joe Forrest said: ‘At least two of the bungalows were ruined. The water was just flowing through their front doors.

‘The problem was that as soon as we pumped water out, more came back in again.

Emsworth flooding

Emsworth flooding

‘The carpets in some of the bungalows were floating.’Gordon Coleman, 70, who lives in one of the bungalows, said: ‘We got a phone call from neighbours about 2.30 am to say that the field at the back of the properties was flooding. The water came through into the conservatory at first and through the French doors. It filled up and then came into the kitchen.

‘We have tried to put as much stuff as we can into the loft. We have got no heating and not power and no electrics and no phone - nothing.

He and other residents accused the Environment Agency of not acting after previous flooding in the area. Residents have voiced concern that proposed development there will lead to further problems.

Mr Coleman said: ‘We have been in contact with the Environment Agency, the Highways Authority, and Havant Borough Council but they all seem to pass the buck onto one another.

‘As soon as we get heavy rain it swamps the system.

‘I can’t understand why people won’t do anything about this.’

The water flooded several bungalows and was as high as 2ft in some places. Residents are pumping out the water themselves.

Michelle Bird, 43, who lives in Selangor Avenue, said her bungalow had been flooded.

She owns the field at the back of the property, where she keeps her horses.

She realised the field was starting to flood at about 1am.

Mrs Bird said: ‘I have got a horse that’s ill, and I was giving him his medication and happened to check the stream and thought it had broken its banks.

‘I’ve not been to bed at all.

‘Initially the stream was about 2ft deep. It filled up and then started to spread around the field.

‘We had two fire engines here. They were here for about three hours pumping out water from the house.

‘We have now got four pumps running and they have been running since 3.30am.

‘These four pumps clear 1,000 litres a minute each.’

Her bungalow has been under 2ft of water and she said there was tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage.

Mrs Bird has had to move her horses into a different field which isn’t flooded.

She said: ‘It’s horrendous. We have flooded four times in two years. We have been trying to get this project underway to stop it happening.

‘It could be easily stopped having a holding pond.’