Emsworth driver calls for action on A27 potholes

Potholes on the A27  between Chichester and Portsmouth Pic Steve Robards SR1514984
Potholes on the A27 between Chichester and Portsmouth Pic Steve Robards SR1514984
  • Near miss on A27 leaves pensioner shaken
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A DRIVER is calling for urgent action on the A27 potholes after witnessing what could have been a serious accident.

Nigel Doxat-Pratt, 68, watched with dread as a motorbike in front of his car did a ‘tank-slapper’ as the rider rode over a water-filled pothole.

The term is used by bikers when the handlebars wobble violently from side to side and it can be lethal if the rider cannot regain their balance.

Mr Doxat-Pratt, a retired marine engineer from Emsworth, is now supporting a joint campaign between The News and the Chichester Observer called Time to Fill to get the numerous potholes filled on the A27 between Havant and Chichester.

The incident happened on the A27 eastbound at about 4.30pm on Sunday.

There was heavy rain, which made the potholes even less obvious as they were filled with water.

Mr Doxat-Pratt said: ‘A motorbike got into trouble in one of the pothole puddles.

‘A man was travelling in front on the bike.

‘He either tried to avoid it or swerved as it was full of water.

‘He nearly lost control of his motorbike.

‘He was about 100 yards in front and the weather was awful.

‘The man steadied up and carried on going. I had to slow right down.’

He added: ‘It’s a very dangerous road.

‘I was a bit shaken up by it.

‘The work needs to be done seriously urgently. Dip into the pot now and do one lane at a time. It’s not rocket science. At least then we would have one lane safe either way.’

The campaign has received the support of a number of drivers, including national roads crusader ‘Mr Pothole’, aka Mark Morrell, and advanced driving instructor Julie Woollacott, from Hayling Island.

Highways England has allocated £4.5m over the next three years to repair the road, but the Time to Fill campaign is calling for swifter action.

A spokesman added: ‘In the meantime, we will continue to keep the A27 in a safe and serviceable condition.’