Emsworth woman launches fundraising campaign to help African girl

INSPIRATION Georgina-Kate Adams with Lelo
INSPIRATION Georgina-Kate Adams with Lelo

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GEORGINA-Kate Adams is hoping to transform an African girl’s life and help her become a doctor.

Since volunteering in Aids-ravaged Swaziland, the 25-year-old has decided to sponsor an inspirational girl she met called Lelo.

Miss Adams hopes to raise £6,500 to send the Swazi girl, who is now aged 15, to boarding school.

As part of her campaign, Miss Adams visited her old school, Portsmouth High, to promote the first International Day of The Girl, which is aimed at highlighting the importance of girls getting an education.

Miss Adams, from Emsworth, said: ‘It is now recognised that when you educate a girl in the developing world, her whole community benefits.

‘This is one of the most powerful ways to stop the cycle of poverty in its tracks.’

Miss Adams has founded a charity called The Seed, Africa.

For more information visit theseedafrica.com.