End in sight for Gosport family’s badger bother

Becky Pascoe with her children Brooke (3) and Leo (2) next to the badger sett.
Becky Pascoe with her children Brooke (3) and Leo (2) next to the badger sett.
  • Families are happy to see the end of badger problem
  • Since appearing in The News, people have got in touch wanting to help
  • The troublesome badgers had made the gardens dangerous for neighbours
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NEIGHBOURS are overjoyed that their badger problem will soon be resolved.

Caroline Hayward and next-door neighbours Becky and Leon Pascoe were facing a bill of thousands of pounds to remove troublesome 

I feel there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Caroline Hayward

The protected species had burrowed under their garden fences and patio causing danger to the families.

But after a story in The News, Caroline has been contacted by organisations willing to rehome the badger family or remove them to a different badger 

She said: ‘I had a good response to The News report including a call from a Charity Badger Sanctuary in Chichester offering to help as well as message on social media from a lady in Denmead whose parents own a farm and have an empty badger sett.

‘I have since had a visit from a Natural England agent who agrees our gardens are in need of a licence to have the badgers evicted.

‘He will grant the licence from July 1.’

The biggest problem for the two families was the price of removing the badgers which could have cost thousands.

But after speaking to the agent from Natural England, the animals can be removed for free.

Caroline, from Palmyra Road, Gosport, added: ‘I feel there is light at the end of the tunnel.’

Leon and Becky are also relieved as they had concerns for their two young children who couldn’t play in the back garden because it was too dangerous.

They had only recently moved into the house and were at a loss as to what to 

Leon said: ‘I glad that things seems to be getting sorted and hopefully the badgers will be gone soon.

‘I am grateful that the story appearing has encouraged people to help.

‘It is nice to think that finally we can have the house and the garden that we wanted to begin with.’