Engaging a new global audience online

WEB ACCESS Church Online volunteer Leigh Harris helping to put the service online at City Life Church in Portsmouth
WEB ACCESS Church Online volunteer Leigh Harris helping to put the service online at City Life Church in Portsmouth
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Dan Harman, pastor at City Life Church, Portsmouth, explains how the church is using the internet to its advantage

WE live in a media- driven culture and it is now so simple for people to connect from one nation to another.

With more than three billion unique users browsing the web on a day-to-day basis, the church has ample opportunity to show people what we are about.

Multiple individuals are unable to attend a church service for a variety of reasons.

Some cannot physically get to a church, many more are caught up with other commitments, and some are just not interested.

That’s okay. We aim to be a community of people who are easily accessible and can welcome all and through our involvement with Church Online, this has become increasingly possible.

I love the internet and all of the brilliant resources we can offer others. We can share our time of worship, our talks and our news via Church Online, and it isn’t only for a Portsmouth audience.

We have engaged with people up and down this country, in Germany, the USA, India and many other parts around the world.

Church Online can be accessed via your mobile phone, laptop or desktop computer, and offers the ideal stepping-stone for those curious to know more about who we are.

We have friends now who are a part of all that is happening through watching us online.

Thousands of churches across the globe have embraced this powerful tool to interact and we are so excited to know there are more people engaging with a church in some form.

Not only does it stream our Sunday morning services live, viewers can type notes, explore the Bible and talk to others watching.

We have a brilliant team hosting directly from our services and they are trained to be on hand to discuss any questions viewers may have.

Regardless of the opinion many have towards church, and the way we encourage people to live, there are unique things taking place which can’t be denied.

Congregations across the world are bursting with attendees with more engaging online.

Why don’t you check us out? It may change your life.

On October 25, City Life Church will be holding a special service called International Sunday, with the University of Portsmouth Gospel Choir performing at 6pm. Everyone is welcome.

n City Life Church, 85 Tangier Road, Baffins, PO3 6JH, 023 9269 4677,

Visit http://churchonline.myclc.org.uk/ for more information.