‘Engineers need to have another look at the A27’

Police vehicles monitor a submerged car on the A27
Police vehicles monitor a submerged car on the A27
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DRAINAGE on the A27 needs addressing, according to the AA.

Edmund King, president of the motoring organisation, acknowledged the impact of freak weather conditions, but said the Highways Agency should take another look at major routes like the A27.

The stretch between Emsworth and Chichester reopened yesterday morning. Mr King told The News: ‘Normally when there’s heavy rain it’s B and C roads that are affected.

‘But when you get motorways and major trunk roads also flooding, it does indicate engineers need to have another look at drainage.’

But HA spokesman James Wright said: ‘The River Ems does run quite near to the road.

‘If you have a river that bursts its banks, there will be flooding.

‘I don’t think that’s something you can engineer your way out of.’

The majority of roads were clear yesterday, although the River Wallington in Fareham burst its bank, causing some road closures.

Localised flooding remained in Bognor, although major routes reopened.