England’s youngest fan celebrates Three Lions win over Sweden

David Claridge and son Albie cheer on England against Sweden
David Claridge and son Albie cheer on England against Sweden
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A Lee-on-the-Solent father and his new born son celebrated England’s quarter final victory together.

David Claridge and two day old Albie cheered on the Three Lions on Saturday.

He said: ‘I was born for Italia 90 but I was only just seven and can not remember watching the game but I can imagine that I would of sat and watched it with my Dad that’s for sure.

‘Albie was born on Friday and we were home that afternoon ready to watch England the following day!

‘I have been asked many times about giving him a World Cup name but my other half just give me the look when I mentioned various footballers names which didn’t require me asking again!

‘In the long run I’m sure it saves him sitting in class at school in five years time with ten Gareth’s and ten Harry’s in his class.’ 

Young Albie seemed to enjoy his first taste of football. 

Mr Claridge explained: ‘Albie loved the quarter final his arms went in the air when I cheered the goals and he celebrated by opening his eyes at least once that day!

‘Mum is still a little poorly so despite him keep pestering me to go down to the local pub, we will be watching the Semi final at home again he may even wake up for more than two minutes to watch it!

‘Football is coming home! World Cup final win on penalties against France!