Enjoy short film screenings by society at Square Tower

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THE Square Tower will play host to two screenings of short films.

On Wednesday, November 20, the Portsmouth Film Society will hold its first showing at 6pm, which presents a showcase of the best local short films.

Shorts Cut has been running since 2005, as a showcase for regional filmmakers, and was taken over by the film society last year.

Since then it has been holding screenings at the Square Tower, in Old Portsmouth, so people can see local films.

At 8pm the second screening presents a selection of the best short films supported by Bafta, presenting a mix of short films by some of the nation’s most talented film makers.

The society’s chairwoman Aysegul Epengin said: ‘PFS is really proud to present filmmakers’ work, and we think this short film evening is a great way to see what is being made in the area as well as other films from around the country.’

Excerpts from the films selected for Shorts Cut are hosted on the Shorts Cut website.

To find out more, visit shortscut.org.uk