Enjoy the countryside but don’t be a litter bug driver

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DRIVERS are being blamed for tons of rubbish left at the side of roads.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) is asking motorists to bin their litter rather than throw it from car windows this Bank Holiday.

Author Bill Bryson, president of the CPRE, says: ‘Litter is becoming the default condition of the British roadside.

‘Often these days you feel as if you are driving through a kind of large, informal linear tip. Surely we are entitled to expect better? A clean and lovely countryside shouldn’t be a surprise. It should be a right.’

Thousands of volunteers have joined the CPRE’s Litter Action and surveys have revealed it is after Bank Holidays, when people spend long journeys in cars, that litter builds up.

CPRE’s Stop the Drop campaign manager Samantha Harding said: ‘With millions of people hitting the roads this weekend we can expect the inevitable, yet traditional, Bank Holiday traffic jams.

‘However, one tradition we’d like to end is the accompanying avalanche of litter that ends up lining our roads and rural lanes.

‘We want people to remember that, unlike in many towns, litter dropped in the countryside might not get cleared for weeks, months or even years.’