Enjoying autumn with the family

FUN There's plenty to do in autumn for young and old 'Photo: Tom Marshall
FUN There's plenty to do in autumn for young and old 'Photo: Tom Marshall
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Lianne de Mello from the Wildlife Trust gives tips on how you, and your children, can get the most out of

the season

As the weather gets cooler, the days become shorter and the sun drops lower in the sky, it might be tempting to stay inside. But enjoying the outdoors is not only still possible in the autumn and winter, but there are some incredible sensory experiences to be had at this magical time of year.

There are often spectacular sunsets in autumn, and on some mornings a beautiful mist hangs over fields and parks. Incredible autumn colours are on display, and there’s plenty of fun to be had crunching through fallen leaves while exploring green spaces.

We at Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust have a whole load of activities and events taking place during October.

As well as Wildlife Watch events which take place regularly for children aged between six and 15, there are extra events on at half-term, which will give families an extra opportunity to appreciate the joys that autumn brings.

Autumn is an important time for garden birds, and feeding them can make a real difference to their survival. We’re hosting a bird feeding event on Saturday, October 24 at our Blashford Lakes Nature Reserve near Ringwood where you can watch birds from a woodland hide and learn to make a woven willow bird feeder to take home.

Fat balls are a great source of food and will ensure that birds like greenfinches and blue tits will visit and thrive. If you put the feeders near a window you can even enjoy bird-watching from the comfort of your own home.

Or why not get your kids to swap their Minecraft computer game for the real thing in our woods at Testwood Lakes on October 28? With our help, they will be able to construct a shelter, explore, gather resources, craft some simple items and take part in (pretend) combat.

You don’t have to go too far to explore autumn in all its glory either – there’s plenty to do right in your own back garden or local park.

Why not try a scavenger hunt with your children, and challenge them to try to find a variety of textures, colours, and sizes? Ask them to find something spiky, spongy, bright red, vivid yellow, big, and tiny.

There’s something for everyone this autumn – to find out more about all our events, including location and booking information, visit hiwwt.org.uk/whats-on.

If you’re a parent looking for inspiration for family autumnal adventures, visit our Project Wild Thing website pages at hiwwt.org.uk/project-wild-thing.