Enthusiast captures moment Venus moves across face of the sun

STUNNING The picture by Vinny Whiteman from Portsdown hill
STUNNING The picture by Vinny Whiteman from Portsdown hill
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IT WILL be another 105 years before anyone sees this rare astronomical event again.

Vinny Whiteman took this amazing picture of Venus moving across the face of the sun from Portsdown Hill early yesterday morning.

Mr Whiteman, a writer for Sky at Night magazine, had been out with his father, who lives in Denmead, to witness the event.

The 27-year-old, from London, said: ‘I had been preparing for this for ages. We headed up Butser Hill at first, but it was just too shrouded in mist up there, so we took a chance and headed over to Portsdown Hill, which is a bit lower down, instead.

‘We got a lucky break in the clouds from 5.25am for about 20 minutes.

‘For me it’s a profound experience because this is something that’s not going to happen again in our lifetimes.’

The full traverse lasted more than six and a half hours, but was only visible in the UK during the final stages as the sun rose, pending weather conditions.