High praise given to plastic-ditching drinks festival

DRINKS enthusiasts have spoken highly of a festival that ditched all plastics in favour of an environmentally-friendly event.

Sunday, 8th April 2018, 5:07 pm
Updated Sunday, 8th April 2018, 8:11 pm
Cocktail Festival at the Portsmouth Guildhall

This past weekend saw the Cocktail Festival take place at the Portsmouth Guildhall – a new event exclusive to Portsmouth in partnership with Southsea cocktail specialists Sant Yago.

People flocked in their hundreds to the event to try a range of vibrant and exciting cocktails – but it was the commitment to minimising waste that really caught the eye of cocktail lovers.

Organisers behind the event ditched all forms of disposable plastic, switching to green, reusable materials.

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Plastic cups were replaced with reusable ones; biodegradable straws were introduced and plastic stirrers were ditched for wooden ones.

Sharon Hardy, 48, from Portsmouth, said: ‘It has been absolutely fantastic so far today.

‘We got here as soon as it opened – I’m on my second cocktail at the moment but will definitely be getting more.

‘It is so great that they have gotten rid of all the plastic. It is so much better for the environment.

‘You can’t really notice a difference between these and plastic straws, so these ones are a lot better because we know they are better for the environment.’

Helen Barber, 40, from Cosham, said: ‘I think it has been brilliant – I am so glad we came.

‘I think my favourite is the My Thai cocktail, but I also liked the Blood Orange one.

‘We’re working our way through the whole menu and I’m not leaving until it’s done.’

Ade Long, 31, from Southsea, said: ‘The drinks seem really nice .

‘I bought £40 worth of tokens so I think we are set for the rest of the day. We’ll see how the afternoon takes us.

‘I think the biodegradable straws are great – there genuinely isn’t much of a difference between them and plastic straws.

‘That being said, once you’re a few drinks in I doubt you can notice a difference.’

Joseph Knobbs, 31, said: ‘I came down to Portsmouth just for today.

‘It’s been great fun and we’ll probably be here until we are asked to leave by someone.

‘Things like this are always great fun, and it is great that the festival organisers are supporting the environment at the same time.’