Every major Wetherspoons in and around Portsmouth ranked from best to worst

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Portsmouth has a wealth of JD Wetherspoon pubs, but some are more popular with customers than others.

These are the best and worst Wetherspoons in Portsmouth, ranked according to TripAdvisor.

Portsmouth has a wealth of JD Wetherspoon pubs, but some are more popular with customers than others

Portsmouth has a wealth of JD Wetherspoon pubs, but some are more popular with customers than others

1. The Sir John Baker

With an impressive rating of four out of five, The Sir John Baker is a popular spot with locals. Forty-four per cent of customers rated this pub as ‘excellent’, with customers liking its quick and friendly service, location and value for money.

80 London Road, Portsmouth PO2 0LN

2. The First Post

The First Post also gets four out of five stars, with customers commending its quick service and good food.

One reviewer said, “Exactly what you expect from a Wetherspoon pub. Very fast service, food good and reasonable price”, while another said, “Worth a visit, even if it just for the good value food and drink”.

42 High Street, Cosham PO6 3AG

3. The Sir Alec Rose

The Sir Alec Rose has a 3.5 out of five rating, with a total of 276 reviews. Twenty-three per cent of customers deemed the pub ‘excellent’ with 35 per cent rating it as ‘very good.

Visitors like the location and view that The Sir Alec Rose offers, with one customer saying, “Not usually a frequenter of any ‘Spoons pubs but really surprised at many things here. Staff amazing, food and prices good, view epic. Good work.”

32–33 The Boardwalk, Portsmouth PO6 4TP

4. The Crown Inn

This Wetherspoons pub gets a 3.5 out of five rating, with 42 per cent of customers rating it as ‘very good’.

Customers like The Crown Inn’s quick service and the quality of the food, with one saying, “Tables cleaned very promptly, check back done, drinks and food swiftly arrived at our table, excellent service from the staff - at a very busy time too.”

40 West Street, Fareham PO16 0JW

5. The Lord Arthur Lee

This pub gets a 3.5 out of five rating, with 33 per cent of customers rating it as ‘excellent’.

However, it does get some mixed reviews from customers.

One commented, “What a lovely place to eat, warm , friendly staff and so clean, spotless”, while another simply said, “Terrible”.

100–108 West Street, Fareham PO16 0EP

6. The Parchment Makers

The Parchment Makers has a total overall rating of 3.5 out of five star, with 29 per cent of customers calling it ‘excellent’.

This pub also gets mixed reviews, with some praising its “quick service”, but one customer writing, “One of the worst Wetherspoons in Hampshire”.

1 Park Road North, Havant PO9 1HE

7. The Lord Palmerston

With 3.5 out of five, The Lord Palmerston also gets mixed reviews, but 23 per cent of customers rate this pub as ‘excellent’.

One reviewer said, “Lovely food, great beer’, but another wrote, “If I could give it a 0 I would”.

84–90 Palmerston Road, Southsea PO5 3PT

8. The Isambard Kingdom Brunel

The Isambard Kingdom Brunel has an overall rating of 3.5 out of five, but gets mixed reviews from customers.

One customer praised its location, saying, “Good range of beers, adequate numbers of staff, lots of seating, it's my favourite watering hole before and after a concert at the Guildhall.”

However, another review said, “Tables dirty, drinks served in plastic glasses and the food was the worse I have ever tried to eat.”

2 Guildhall Walk, Portsmouth PO1 2DD

9. The John Jacques

The John Jacques also gets an array of differing reviews from visitors, with 61 reviews in total.

One customer explained, “This is my least favourite Wetherspoons”, whereas another said, “Decent meal and price including a drink standard ‘Spoons layout and atmosphere”.

78–82 Fratton Road, Portsmouth PO1 5BZ

10. The Denmead Queen

The Denmead Queen has a three out of five rating, but some customers think it could do with an update.

One customer said, “The food is good, the staff are friendly, sadly the surroundings are run down, sticky tables, chairs worn out, carpet's filthy”.

Another commented, “After going to many Wetherspoons this is the most disappointing one, it was grubby”.

8–9 Queens Parade, Waterlooville PO7 7EB

11. The Star

With a three out of five rating, some customers dislike this pub’s cleanliness, service and food quality.

One customer wrote, “Stay away. This ‘Spoons is the worst one I have ever been in. The place is filthy and the tables sticky with dirt! Service is atrocious by staff that need some urgent training in customer service, when the food eventually arrives it is lukewarm”.

28–29 High Street, Gosport PO12 1DF