Everyone needs to have heroic boldness to declare justice’

NEVER FORGOTTEN Crosses laid at Havant's Holocaust Memorial
NEVER FORGOTTEN Crosses laid at Havant's Holocaust Memorial
Fareham Community Hospital in Salisbury Green

Picture: Paul Jacobs

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THE EU Holocaust Memorial Day was only instituted in 2005. Similar days of remembrance are held throughout the year around the world.

Our memorial day this year falls on a Sunday and I’m delighted to say the organisers have decided to hold the service at 2.30pm so that it can be attended by those people who attend church in the morning.

In the Stockholm declaration of 2000, it was decided to honour all the victims of the Holocaust, in which six million Jews died, as well as five million other people who were persecuted because of their nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political affiliations, or just because they had some disability.

This is a long list of people, most of them poor, who could not or would not fit into an altogether evil system called Nazism.

One intention of day is to ensure such atrocities should never happen again and it is therefore especially important that the younger generation should be involved.

I have always been impressed with the good number of young people who attend the service from our secondary schools.

Not only do we need to gather on occasions like this, but we need to try to ensure that we have no holocaust during our watch. Yet at this very time, atrocities by people against people are taking place in Mali.

When we gather on January 27 in New Lane Cemetery, it should provide an opportunity to speak out against the horrendous behaviour of people against people, to stand in solidarity with all those who are victims of holocaust today. Everyone needs to have heroic boldness to declare justice and peace for everyone in our world.