Exciting launch of scout’s digital manifesto

DIGITAL WORLD Bear Grylls meeting scouts at Ferny Crofts Activity Centre working on their technical skills
DIGITAL WORLD Bear Grylls meeting scouts at Ferny Crofts Activity Centre working on their technical skills
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Share your adventures digitally and inspire others, use digital to learn and embrace new skills, stay safe online and know the risks.

Those are the new lessons being taught to 500,000 young people across the UK as The Scout Association has launched its digital manifesto and a new partnership with Vodafone.

With the aim of helping young people develop digital skills, this exciting new 
partnership will focus on helping scouts use digital technology to support their community and express their creativity while staying safe online.

That last sentence is little more than an over-complicated way of saying this is all about teaching our young people about how to use technology sensibly and safely.

I for one am excited about this. It proves scouting’s commitment to keeping up to date with modern life and staying at the forefront of the changing needs of society.

We are a movement that has spent over 100 years making sure the work we do is relevant to our communities and by teaching our members how to stay safe and productive online we are doing that.

I’m not the only person who’s excited about this. Bear Grylls, chief scout and television adventurer, said: ‘The scouts’ digital manifesto will encourage hundreds of thousands of young people to develop a range of key digital skills, empowering them to have even greater adventures as well as helping them to stay safe online.’

Youth members are equally excited about this new partnership and digital manifesto.

Andrew Impey, a scout from Portsmouth, told me that he was looking forward to doing some work around it.

He’s a scout in the group I volunteer at and when I was talking about this to them he was eager to know what kind of activities we would be doing around this.

It opens up a range of work around e-safety, digital identities and the power of technology.

It also fits in perfectly with some of the badges and awards our members are already working towards, such as those celebrating digital citizenship and the digital maker badge.

This is the latest in a number of ways scouts are working to make sure we set our members up for modern life.

You can get involved in our work as well by joining or volunteering.

For more information about volunteering, or about what we do, visit hampshire scouting.org.uk.