Explaining why we waste so much food

Vic styles
Vic styles
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Vic Styles, from Warsash Residents Association, describes the talk on food waste and details of a new directory being set up

He mentioned that millions of tons of food are wasted annually in the UK, amounting to a value of about £60 a month for a typical family with two children. He listed the top 10 wasted foods, which included bread, bananas, eggs and meats.

Many in the audience felt that they wasted nothing on the list.

Mike explained that some of the reasons for excessive waste were buying too much food in the first place due to lack of weekly menu planning, cooking portions too large for people to consume, failure to store and re-use leftovers, and ignorance of the meaning of best by and use by dates, leading to premature binning of edible food.

He also explained the benefits of composting and provided information on how to go about this.

The WRA recently held their Annual General Meeting and the following members were elected to the management team. Brian Smale (chairman), Michele Corrigan (membership and minutes secretary), Terence Hale (Hon Treasurer), and the committee, Messrs John Blumpey, Vic Styles, Jackie Perry, and Diane Hardiman who will take specialist interest of village matters.

At the meeting there will also be your local councillors, briefs about the Daedalus project and Hampshire police.

Some local membership organisations in the western wards area of Fareham are planning to create a free online directory to promote the activities of all such organisations and make it easy for residents to get in touch with them.

The districts are Locks Heath, Park Gate, Sarisbury Green, Titchfield Common, and Warsash. If you are involved in a club/group in those areas and would like to be included in the directory, please provide the following details: the name of the organisation, brief description of activities, where and when you meet, the website, and contact details.

Email LocalActivitiesDirectory@gmail.com and once the organising committee has gathered enough responses, a list of participating organisations will be compiled ready for publication.

Please note that the directory is for volunteer organisations, so commercial and political groups will not be included.