Eyebrows frame your face

It's important for eyebrows to be groomed.
It's important for eyebrows to be groomed.
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All make-up artists agree on the importance of perfectly groomed eyebrows.

They act as a picture frame for the face, balance your features and define your eyes.

If you want to see the difference that brows make, try placing your index fingers across them and you will find that without them, the face loses its shape.

As we age, a strong brow shape can also serve as a mini nonsurgical eye lift, so it is well worth investing a little time and effort.

Whether you have thick, bushy eyebrows or sparse, thinning ones, if this is your first time, it pays to have them professionally shaped. It makes it easier for home maintenance.

They can be tweezed, waxed or threaded at the salon, but at home plucking tends to be the most stress-free way to tend them.

Always tweeze in bright daylight, using a magnifying mirror. Use sharp slant-edged tweezers which grip each hair from the root, and use damp cotton wool pads to wipe away the excess hairs.

Your brows should not be more than an inch apart above your nose, starting at a point above the inner corner.

They should go out to a wide-angled bend, rather than an old-fashioned extreme arch, above the point where the white begins at the outer rim of your eyeball.

To find the outer edge, lay a pencil up from your nostril, past the outer corner of the eye. The brow should gently taper to the finish point there.

Use a light coloured eyebrow pencil to draw this ideal shape in first. Then, pluck all the hairs falling outside of the line.

Make sure you do a few hairs at a time from one eye, and then move to the other side to achieve a balanced look.

It won’t do you any harm to tweeze stragglers from above the brow line either. Use powder or a pencil to enhance the colour or fill in gaps, and a clear gel or wax to set it.

But remember, different brow shapes will compliment different faces.

To minimise a round face, direct the outer third of the brow towards the top of the ear. If your face is square, direct it towards the middle of the ear.

But, if your face is long, go straighter and direct it above the ear. Finally, for those with an oval face, direct the outer third part of your eyebrow towards your ear lobe.

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