Eyewitnesses tell of bus drama

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Portsmouth & Southsea railway station by Andy Cooper

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Eyewitnesses have described the dramatic scene after a bus hit the railwaybridge at Portchester.

Many took photographs in the aftermath of the accident in which the top deck of the vehicle was torn off.

Mike Dallas, of Edward Grove, Portchester, said: ‘I came back from the dump and saw blue flashing lights.

‘It’s the second time in three months. All it takes is for the bus company to say no double deckers under bridges.

‘Professional drivers should be more aware of their vehicle.’

Local resident Mrs Pat Tiller said: ‘The top of the bus has gone and they have put a white cover over it. The trains have been stopped and traffic is diverted.

‘I can’t understand how it has happened again. Surely it is obvious that a double-decker bus will not go under that bridge.’

Photos in our picture package come from staff photographer Malcolm Wells, reader Lincoln Pepall and another reader who signed himself Simon. The main picture on this story was taken by reader Mark Ayling.