Fairtrade groups win praise at an awards ceremony

SUCCESS Fairtrade groups accepting an award for outstanding achievement in London
SUCCESS Fairtrade groups accepting an award for outstanding achievement in London
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FAIRTRADE groups have been praised for their commitment to improving farming communities in developing countries.

Portsmouth Fairtrade and Havant Fairtrade groups were presented with awards for outstanding achievement at a Fairtrade Campaign Awards in London.

Christine McMillan from the Portsmouth Fairtrade group said: ‘It has really helped to work together and share ideas.

‘We’ve been working on the Fairtrade in the City campaign since 2002 and inspiration from another group has helped us to achieve even more than before.’

Maureen Thompson from the Havant group said: ‘We were very pleased with our programme for 2015 including our work in schools and churches, but it’s brilliant to be recognised by this award.’

The groups were commended for the range of activities such as banana giveaways and their community meals.

Fairtrade Foundation communities campaigns manager Adam Gardner said the Portsmouth and Havant groups were worthy recipients of the awards.

He said: ‘Havant and Portsmouth Fairtrade groups have made an exceptional commitment to farmers and workers around the globe who are continuously working hard to bring us the products we love. All too often these communities are not receiving a fair price for their work, but campaigners from Havant and Portsmouth have shown their dedication to this cause.

‘It’s so important for communities to get involved and let their voice be heard.’

The London awards day brought together campaigners from across the UK and included workshops and the launch of Fairtrade Fortnight 2016.

Fairtrade has paved the way for sustainable trading by providing a safety net for the world’s poorest farmers against volatile market prices.

Mr Gardner said: ‘Thanks to the ongoing support of campaigners and businesses around the UK, Fairtrade today reaches millions of vulnerable farmers and workers in around 70 countries.

‘We are constantly inspired and surprised by the overwhelming support the British public shows Fairtrade.’