Fall in Jobseeker’s Allowance claims

BUSY Job Centre Plus, in Arundel Street, Portsmouth.
BUSY Job Centre Plus, in Arundel Street, Portsmouth.
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THE number of people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance in the region has fallen in the last month.

Across the area, there has been a mixed picture in terms of fluctuating numbers of people claiming the out-of-work benefit.

The biggest drop in claimant numbers in the area was in Havant, where the number fell in one month by 52 to 1,877 claimants.

In Portsmouth, the number of claimants was down by 25 to 3,922 people.

Fareham also saw a fall in numbers, going from 784 in January to 777 last month.

Gosport saw a small increase in claimant numbers, however, going up by 23 to 1,122.

In the south east region as a whole, the number of people claiming the benefit fell by 0.1 per cent - going from 98,100 in January to 93,900 in February.

Around two per cent of people in the region claim the benefit, compared with 3.5 per cent in the UK.