Families warned be aware of poisonous gas when camping

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With summer holidays and music festivals in full swing, Hampshire County Council’s public health team is raising awareness of campsite safety.

The main area the council is looking to tackle is the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.

The council’s cabinet member for health and public health, councillor Patricia Stallard said: ‘Barbecues give off a large amount of the poisonous gas, carbon monoxide.

‘It is not a problem in the open air because it is dispersed and concentrations are low.

‘But we advise people to never use barbecues inside tents or bring them back indoors afterwards.’

The body can deal with a small level of carbon monoxide, but it takes a long time to clear it out, so repeated small exposures can accumulate.

The poisonous gas has claimed many lives in Hampshire and across the UK,

The council is advising families to keep young children away from 

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