Family escape gas explosion in Gosport home

Staff from Southern Gas Networks at the scene of the explosion.''Picture: Sarah Standing (13848-5823)
Staff from Southern Gas Networks at the scene of the explosion.''Picture: Sarah Standing (13848-5823)
Picture: Shutterstock

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A FAMILY had a lucky escape after a gas explosion tore through their home.

The explosion at 7.45pm on Monday lifted the roof and blew off the front door of the semi-detached house, in Goodwood Road, Elson, Gosport.

The boiler is believed to have exploded at 7.45pm as the family of six, aged between 15 and 45, relaxed at home.

They all managed to escape but paramedics were called to treat them for shock.

Fortunately none of the occupants was injured and they were treated at the scene by paramedics.

Firefighters from Gosport were called and put out a fire in the cupboard under the stairs which housed the boiler.

The explosion caused significant damage to the house, cracking walls as well as blowing out doors and windows.

Paul Coates, who was the fire officer in charge of the incident last night, said: ‘The explosion was a significant risk to life and the occupiers are very lucky to have escaped.

‘The roof was lifted by the force of the explosion and left the walls with cracks in them.’

From the road, wires could be seen hanging down from the ceiling of the hallway and dangling from the front door.

The house was in darkness and nothing remained of the front door which had been blown off.

A structural engineer from Gosport Borough Council confirmed the house was too badly damaged and it was unsafe for the family to remain there.

Firefighters escorted the family back inside, allowing them to get vital belongings only.

The firefighters contacted the charity Red Cross who arrived quickly to comfort the family. They were able to find them alternative accommodation for the night.

Southern Gas Networks, which looks after gas mains, were called to isolate the supply to the house.

They worked well into the night.

Denis Kerby is a spokesman for the group.

He said: ‘We were called in by the fire brigade to make safe a property.

‘There was a reported explosion at the site.

‘The exact cause will be fully investigated by the fire brigade.

‘Engineers have made it safe and shut the gas off at the meter.

‘It looks at this stage that the issue was within the boiler at the house.’

Mr Kerby said there was no impact on any other properties and they did not lose their gas connections.