Family escapes blaze which starts in front room of Locksheath home when tea light is left unattended

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A FAMILY narrowly escaped a blaze that tore through their home – which was started by a tea light.

The fire began at 8.45am yesterday and blew out the windows of the semi-detached house in Elder Close, Locks Heath.

Firefighters from across the area managed to put out the fire, which they say was caused by an unattended tea light in the front room.

Sudhir Roa was called by neighbours caring for his wife and young children.

He said: ‘My wife first became aware of the fire as she saw the flames flickering around the door frame of the living room.

‘She managed to escape with the two children. Fire crews had to smash down the door to get in to fight the fire. It was all very scary.’

The ground floor of the house was damaged by smoke.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service issued a warning about the danger of leaving tea lights unattended.