Family’s gratitude to success of Blue Day

A glider from Portsmouth Naval Gliding Centre. Picture: Paul Jacobs

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THE family of Tom Prince say they are overwhelmed by the support local people have given to Blue Day over the years.

This year marks the seventh Blue Day since the first mammoth fundraiser back in the spring of 2008 – there were two that year.

Tom Prince's parents (left) Clinton Prince and (right) Adele Prince ''Picture: Malcolm Wells (13970-6946)

Tom Prince's parents (left) Clinton Prince and (right) Adele Prince ''Picture: Malcolm Wells (13970-6946)

And every year more companies and schools have come on board to help raise money for the charity.

Tom’s dad Clinton Prince, said Blue Day has come on leaps and bounds over the years.

‘The way it has been accepted by the people of Portsmouth gives us a lot of encouragement,’ he said.

‘It spreads the word and everybody enjoys it which is the great thing for us because it generates lots of money.

‘The people of Portsmouth have really taken to it with their blue sausages and blue cakes – just blue everything.

‘It’s fantastic.’

Tom’s mum Adele added: ‘In the beginning we didn’t realise what it would be like.

‘It was more than any of us expected.

‘We’re just pleased that it became an annual event.

‘It’s quite special for us as it’s the biggest fundraiser of the year.

‘It’s gone really well and we hope it does continue for years to come.

‘It’s a local charity and people can identify with that. We all live and work in the area.’

Adele added: ‘It’s quite overwhelming.

‘Afterwards people send their letters and donations saying how much they enjoyed it.’