Family share thanks for fundraising help for son’s medical needs

Jenson with his parents Ashley Price and Nicola Donovan Picture: Chris Moorhouse
Jenson with his parents Ashley Price and Nicola Donovan Picture: Chris Moorhouse
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A mum has said thank you to the community after money was raised for her son.

Nicola Donovan’s 14-month-old son Jenson has flat head syndrome and was in desperate need of a special helmet to help treat the syndrome.

Nicola from Havant said: ‘Unfortunately the NHS don’t fund the treatment that Jenson needs so we have had to fundraise ourselves as it is £2,025 to get the helmet.

‘We put the deposit down and then they gave us eight weeks to raise the rest of the money.’

Charity Headstart4Babies donated towards Jenson’s helmet as well as Tesco’s in Whiteley, Crown Bingo in Havant and Havant Council held a bake sale to raise money.

Nicola said: ‘The helmet has to be on before 14 months old so it was so important to get the money so he could have it.’

Jenson also has global development delays and regularly visits physiotherapists and other specialists to help his condition.

Nicola said: ‘He has been wearing the helmet for the last 11 days and he has already come down on the chart from the severe level of his condition and I am hoping he will have come down even further into the amber section and it just shows how amazing this treatment is.’

The 38-year-old added: ‘I am so overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity and we held a fun day to raise the last of the money and lots of my friends and family as well as local businesses have donated raffle prizes, cakes for a bake sale and their time to help me organise.

‘I feel like the whole community has come together to help my family.’

Tickets for the Spinnaker Tower, a trip to Oxygen Free Jumping trampoline parking, an Xbox and vouchers for local beauty salons were all up for grabs at the fun day held at the Swan Inn pub in Bedhampton.

Nicola plans to donate the extra money to charity Headstart4Babies which donated to her son and also give funds to the company making the helmets to give other children a head start on raising the money.

Jenson’s grandmother and Nicola’s mother, Lesley Palmer, said: ‘It means so much to the whole family that everyone has been supporting us and the fun day is a great to top it off in the lovely sunshine.

‘We will likely make more money than we need, so Nicola wants to give back to the charity and company as it is all about giving back to the people that help you.’

Nicola’s stepmother, Caroline Donovan, added: ‘Jenson is one of eight grandchildren and they are all special to us and we want him to progress and have a lovely life.’