Family uses posters in bid to get dog owners to clean up the mess

Darren Lowery with wife Emma and son Charlie Lowery outside their Gosport home.
Darren Lowery with wife Emma and son Charlie Lowery outside their Gosport home.
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A FAMILY has put up posters calling on dog walkers to pick up their pets’ mess because of the amount being left behind in their street.

Darren Lowery and his wife Emma have noticed an increasing amount of mess on the pavements in Heaton Road, Elson, Gosport.

The situation was made clear when their two-year-old son Charlie stood in dog excrement and brought it into the house.

Mr Lowery has also seen dogs urinating in his garden and has been forced to put products down to try and put the dogs off.

Now, he has put posters up in the area – only to find that some people have stolen them or thrown them back in his garden.

Mr Lowery, 44, said: ‘The dog mess is ongoing and has been for quite some time, but it’s got worse.

‘I saw somebody letting their dog urinate on our wheelie bin.’

Mr Lowery said the worst point is in an alleyway which many people use as a short-cut to reach the Broadway shops in Elson.

‘Everybody uses the alleyway to get to the shops,’ he said.

‘My wife counted 21 pieces of dog mess in the alleyway.

‘We think some of it is people living in the houses that back on to the alleyway and they are just letting the dogs out to go to the toilet.

‘In the course of the last 10 days that the posters have been up, two have been stolen and one has been thrown in our garden.

‘We think it’s a disgruntled dog owner.’

Mr Lowery has contacted local councillors, and officers from Streetscene came out and cleared up the mess after he had reported it.

But within three hours there were three more piles of dog mess.

Mr Lowery has had other neighbours knocking on his door asking for posters and showing support for his campaign.

‘There has been full support,’ he added.

‘We want to campaign for a dog mess bin outside the library. It’s about taking responsibility.

‘You should never take your dog out for a walk without enough bags in your pocket.

‘I have got nothing against dogs at all. We have had dogs in the past but we have two small boys.

‘Out of preference we haven’t chosen to have a pet right now.

‘But we would look after it and clear up after it.

‘It’s disrespectful and they are doing it in the dark in the night-time when people can’t see it.’