Fan motor sparks flat fire in Leigh Park bedroom

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A BEDROOM fire was started after a fan overheated and fell into an ashtray.

But the fire, in the ground-floor flat in Middle Park Way, Leigh Park, spread further as the ashtray’s contents then tipped into an open drawer of bedside table it was resting on, causing the unit to go up in flames.

The bizarre event unfolded yesterday at around 3.30pm.

Three fire engines – two from Cosham and one from Havant fire station – attended the flat.

Watch manager Mark Jones said: ‘The woman had been using an electric fan due to the weather.

‘And even though she had turned it off and unplugged the fan, its motor had overheated and was smouldering.

‘This then fell onto the ashtray, that then tipped into the open drawer, causing the fire.

‘Thankfully the woman had done the correct things before leaving – she had turned off and unplugged the fan, closed all the doors behind her and had a working smoke alarm, so the fire didn’t spread.’

No one was injured.