Fans given the blues after meeting ‘rude and dismissive’ star John Mayall

Left, Dave Allen with John Mayall as he is inducted on to Portsmouth Cultural Trust's Wall of Fame. 'Picture: Courtesy of Mike Cooter
Left, Dave Allen with John Mayall as he is inducted on to Portsmouth Cultural Trust's Wall of Fame. 'Picture: Courtesy of Mike Cooter
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FAN Linda Whitehall couldn’t wait to meet her music idol John Mayall when he performed in Portsmouth.

She joined the queue with others to meet the blues legend to get her programme signed.

But she was dismayed to find when she got to the front of the queue, he refused to sign the programme and was rude to her and other fans.

Linda, who has been a fan of the singer since she was 16, was at the Guildhall seeing him live for the first time.

The 63-year-old from Southwick Road in Denmead, said she was pushed aside by the star, who wouldn’t pose for a photograph with her.

Linda said: ‘It was a big thing going to see him. It wasn’t cheap to get tickets.’

Linda paid £65 for two tickets for herself and friend Colin Goodall.

When she arrived at the venue, she saw John signing CD’s and asked him to sign her programme, which he refused to do until the end of the concert.

So she bought a £20 CD and asked him to sign it.

But when Linda approached him, she claims he was rude to her and other fans. ‘He was very dismissive. At the end I got my programme.

‘I went to get it signed. He wouldn’t look at me. My friend tried to take a photo but he wouldn’t even look at the camera.

‘I couldn’t believe how rude he was. I think he ought to go home, put his feet up and retire.’

Linda said the support act King King outperformed John Mayall. ‘They got a standing ovation. I have never seen a support act get an ovation.

‘It was amazing. I had a photo taken with King King.

‘They were such wonderful people. Everyone was on their feet clapping and whistling. John didn’t have that.

‘They must upstage him all the time. They were amazing.

‘That was the first time I had seen John Mayall and you don’t treat your fans like that.

‘I wasn’t the only one he was rude to. There were people behind me who were disgusted. He wouldn’t give us eye contact or have his photo taken.

‘During the concert there was no interaction with the audience. It was flat. People were just sat there.

‘He was upstaged and he wasn’t happy about it.’

John Mayall was inducted into the Wall of Fame at the Guildhall on Thursday.

He was performing in the city as part of his 80th birthday tour. He has been in the music industry for 60 years and is known for discovering Eric Clapton.

The News contacted Deacon Communications,the PR firm for John Mayall, but there was no response.