Fans’ ownership of clubs to be debated by politicians

DEBATE The House of Commons
DEBATE The House of Commons
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THE issue of fans owning football clubs has been raised in the House of Commons once again.

In an evening adjournment debate, politicians discussed the model of AFC Wimbledon, a club risen from the ashes of Wimbledon FC.

Pompey fans have been watching the debate with interest, because it relates to the club’s last resort – Plan B. If no buyer should be found for Pompey, and it sinks further into debt and is wound up, fans would have 21 days to form a new football club – AFC Pompey, for example – from the ashes of PFC.

Siobhain McDonagh MP secured the debate in the house, and said AFC Wimbledon had taken less than a decade to fight its way back to the football leagues.

She said: ‘Less than 10 years ago a community came together in a time of struggle, and now they have achieved something even more amazing than the original Wimbledon.’

The Department of Culture, Media and Sport is to hold a debate on February 9 on football governance in Westminster Hall.

It will discuss the need for fans’ groups to be kept informed of their football club’s finances, and involved in the decision-making processes.

Meanwhile, members of Pompey Supporters Trust will be heading to a House of Commons reception on Wednesday, hosted by Supporters Direct.