Fareham Bowling Club Bowling to spend £5,000 on renovating building

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A BOWLING club is looking to renovate its club house to accommodate growing numbers of members.

Fareham Bowling Club, based at the Recreation Ground, on Leigh Road, has applied for £4,999 from Fareham Borough Council for a refurbishment project.

The scheme will cost £10,000 in total and the club has already raised its half of the funding.

Now, they are just waiting for the council to sign off on their application and the work can start.

The money will be spent on making the club bigger as it had grown over the years.

Bob Alger, who is club treasurer and a coach, said the money will be crucial.

The 66-year-old, who is also the Fareham’s membership secretary, said: ‘We decided to apply for funding from the council because our club house needed doing up.

‘In the past few years, we have got very popular and we need to update the club house to accommodate all the members.

‘We recently built a new changing area which is lovely and all the members love it.

‘So we thought we should try to make the club house section a bit nicer as it was build around 40 years ago and is a bit ancient.’

The £10,000 will enable the club to increase its main function room by a third.

It will have to move the main bar for the work to be done but, when it is, the club will have a bigger space for functions and for members to enjoy.

The money will also be spent on removing asbestos in the building so that the work can begin.

The group’s grant of £4,999 will come from the council’s Community Fund Programme which aims to help groups and organisations in the area.

Fareham Bowling Club received £25,000 from the council to help build changing rooms and Bob said they were always helpful.

He added: ‘It can be hard for a small club like ours to raise the money for renovation work.

‘For the club house, we raised the money through the bowling club and through the members so it is nice that we can rely on the council to help out. They put money towards our changing rooms and we were grateful.’

The final decision for the funding will be made on May 6.

For more information or to join Fareham Bowling Club visit farehambowls.org.uk