Fareham church shares the culture of an African tribe

TRIBE Maasai warriors will be appearing at Fareham United Reformed church
TRIBE Maasai warriors will be appearing at Fareham United Reformed church
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Maasai warriors will be guests at the United Reformed Church to raise awareness and funds

Fareham United Reformed Church is expecting a full house of more than 160 people to join in an experience of African culture with Maasai warriors.

The men and women will be guests at the Osborn Road South church on October 1, to give the people of Fareham a taste of their African community.

Since 2002 John Curtin has been working alongside the Maasai community, bringing the troupe of warriors to perform in the UK annually.

Mr Curtin said: ‘It has been the most wonderful story, starting with the first tour in 2002 when the troupe’s community was destitute.

‘Since then Tajeu, a member of the warriors, has been on all 14 tours.

‘By the end of this tour I will have talked to 1,500 audiences, and we are so proud of what has been achieved.’

Mr Curtin has found at many of the performances, people have asked how they could help raise money and awareness for the Maasai.

One way is the UK charity, The Osiligi Charity Project, to which the Fareham United Reformed Church will be donating money.

All proceeds from the event will be given to charity to help with the needs of the Maasai community in Kenya.

The charity was formed as an easy way for people to help save lives in the Maasai community.

Mr Curtin said many of the areas in and surrounding the Maasai region have poor education systems, which are not free, but are compulsory.

The Osiligi Charity Project has built a school for children who may not otherwise be able to attend any form of education and provided a primary education programme which will work as a starting point towards secondary education.

Now the charity is looking at other projects including an orphanage for some of the children to help ensure their safe upbringing.

The event will have the Maassi performing their famous leaping dance as well as traditional African music. The performance will start at 7.30pm.