Fareham crossing death man is named by police

A Fareham man who died when he was struck by a train near a notorious level crossing has been named.

Kenneth Greenway, 49, is believed to have been hit by a train in Berkshire at 5.40am on Tuesday last week.

A train driver reported hitting something on the line close to Ufton Nervet near Reading and the tragedy was confirmed by a second train driver following a few minutes behind.

British Transport Police are not treating the death as suspicious.

This latest death marks the third incident at the unmanned crossing.

The half-barrier crossing made national headlines in 2004 when seven people died and dozens more were injured after a First Great Western Paddington to Plymouth train hit a Mazda 323 deliberately parked on the crossing by suicidal motorist Brian Drysdale.

Earlier this month, an inquest heard how 67-year-old Thomas Porter of Reading committed suicide by jumping in front of an oncoming train at the crossing in June 2009.

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