Fareham MP promises action to online trolls over social media abuse

Suella Fernandes, Fareham MP
Suella Fernandes, Fareham MP
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AN MP has warned that action will be taken against online trolls sending her abuse.

Suella Fernandes has launched a stark warning to those messaging her with abuse on her Facebook and Twitter profiles.

In a message on her Facebook page earlier today, the Fareham MP promised action at those who send her abuse through social media platforms.

She wrote: 'I have become increasingly concerned about the postings on my Facebook page and Twitter accounts by members of the public.

'During the election campaign, I received offensive messages containing inappropriate language in response to positive news updates from me.

'Whether it is my supporters or myself being shouted down by online opponents, social media does not have to be like this.'

The MP continued: 'My team and I have put up with foul and abusive language - and wider trolling and fake news - for too long.

'It will no longer be acceptable and appropriate action will be taken by my team.'

Miss Fernandes said that social media 'cannot go on as it has done.'

Addressing her Facebook followers, she wrote: 'Social media does not have to be like this. It can be a force for good, rather than a tool of intimidation.

'My online opponents are welcome to continue any campaigning - be that positive or negative - on their own pages.

'I just want to get on with the job of working hard for Fareham - which includes making sure that no-one feels intimidated by other users on my social media channels - instead of putting up with unjustified and demeaning social media.'