Fareham Rhinos shine in European Youth Tchoukball Championship

The future is looking bright for Fareham Rhinos after earning their place at the European Youth Championship in Milan.Â

Monday, 20th August 2018, 1:18 pm
Updated Monday, 20th August 2018, 1:25 pm

Sponsorship from Fareham Lions helped to make the exciting trip possible.

They agreed to provide crucial finance for the players' kit including a logo on the shorts.

Kevin Martin, from Fareham Rhinos, said: '˜We are so grateful for Fareham Lions' support.'

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Rob Armstrong-Collett, president of Fareham Lions, added: '˜We were so impressed how hard the club has worked and the sportsmanship that tchoukball represents fits well with Lions aims. We were pleased to sponsor the kit.' 

Tchoukball is a non-aggressive indoor team sport that originated in the 1970s and is played by the young and old alike, with the aim to hit a trampoline-style frame either end of the court with a ball and for it to bounce to score a point.

Fareham Rhinos was set up around 15 years ago and to date has been completely self-funded by its players.

The team of 11-18 year olds worked incredibly hard to reach the European Youth Championship in Milan, but the costs to allow their players to attend were high and to enable their attendance they approached Fareham Lions for help.