Fareham shop staff ‘cycle to moon’ for charity

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ENERGETIC staff from Fareham’s Tesco superstore joined forces with colleagues across the UK to cycle ‘to the moon’ for charity.

Employees from all 446 superstores took part in a mammoth challenge to use static bicycles and ride the distance from the earth to the moon – 238,855 miles.

The event, called ‘Reach for the Moon’, aims to collect £1 for every mile, and raise £238,855 for Cancer Research UK, Tesco’s charity of the year.

Fareham staff member Grant Hellier was the first to take part in the ride, followed by 47 other employees who were eager to show their support for the charity.

Together they managed to cycle 777 miles and raise £807.

Tesco store manager Simon Beale said: ‘This was a fantastic opportunity for staff at our store to join together and raise thousands of pounds to help support Cancer Research UK’s doctors, nurses and scientists beat cancer.

‘We were overwhelmed by everyone’s enthusiasm to get involved and contribute to this mammoth challenge.’