Fareham shoppers asked for donations

Fareham Community Hospital in Salisbury Green

Picture: Paul Jacobs

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SHOPPERS in Fareham are being urged to donate their small change to a local charity that supports those with hearing problems.

The Rotary Club of Fareham is collecting funds for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People through a wishing well on a stand in Fareham Shopping Centre.

All proceeds taken from the well over the next few months will be donated to the charity to help fund its dog training programme.

It is located near Clinton Cards on the club’s new stand.

Rotary President, Linda Ingram, and organiser, Christine Seward, were the first ones to drop their pennies into the well last week.

The charity – which provides dogs to be the ears of deaf people and help them lead independent lives – hopes to use the money to get more dogs and train them.

These dogs can alert their owners to a range of sounds, including doorbells, phones and fire alarms.