Fareham Wheelers gives young people a sport to enjoy

PEDAL POWER Brendan Drewitt of Fareham Wheelers Club and coach Roger de Vere
PEDAL POWER Brendan Drewitt of Fareham Wheelers Club and coach Roger de Vere
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I JOINED Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club two-and-a-half years ago and haven’t looked back since.

Joining the club was the best thing I have ever done.

Initially I just wanted something to do but as soon as I started racing I got hooked and just wanted to take it to the max.

Making the team that represented the south coast in the Inter-Regional Track Championships was just brilliant.

I got to go to the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in Glasgow and represent not only the club, but the South Coast at regional level.

Competing against other teams that are top of their game is tough – it was a three-day event and for some of us, it was a first time at such a major event.

Overall we came fourth, which is the highest rating so far for a club from the south.

The event report said that all the teams that finished above us in the final results had the advantage of being close to one of the three national indoor velodromes on a weekly basis.

It added that because of that, our achievement should not be understated.

It was great to be part of that.

Cycling and racing has become so much more than a hobby

It is my life now and I really want to make it my career.

I look up to and am inspired by the likes of Bradley Wiggins and Sir Chris Froome.

And I would love to be in their league one day.

I really want to encourage other teenagers to think about taking up cycling.

Clubs like the Fareham Wheelers give kids something to do.

It’s a place to go and do something that keeps them off the streets.

Yes, you may have to train hard but it keeps you fit, healthy, and out of trouble.