Farm gears up for festival with build of new 30ft construction

The team hard at work
The team hard at work
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A FESTIVAL will see the newly-built Wickerman at Butser Ancient Farm set aflame at dusk.

With less than one month to go until the Beltain Festival – an ancient Celtic celebration – a hardworking team are finessing the final details of the Wickerman, a 30ft construction.

A spokeswoman for the farm said: ‘We’re getting excited for our Beltain Festival in a few weeks.

‘Although the final design isn’t revealed until the night of Beltain, visitors can see the 30ft construction taking shape from across the 

‘The Wickerman is being constructed by a team including professional woodworkers Darren Hammerton and Michael Bennett, who work in the sustainable local woodlands from which the timber and coppiced hazel for the Wickerman is sourced.’

This year’s Beltain Festival is on Saturday, May 5.