Fears potholes on A27 could cause crashes

Potholes on the A27 between Havant and Chichester.''Picture: Allan Hutchings (15019-909)
Potholes on the A27 between Havant and Chichester.''Picture: Allan Hutchings (15019-909)
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POTHOLES on a busy dual carriageway are a risk to drivers, a motorist has warned.

Kathleen O’Neill, from Hayling Island, commutes from her home to Chichester each day for work using the A27.

She says there have been potholes along the stretch from Emsworth to the Fishbourne roundabout for years but they have got worse recently.

The responsibility for the potholes falls to the Highways Agency, which says they will be repaired if they are reported but full resurfacing work is not scheduled.

Mrs O’Neill said: ‘The holes are getting bigger and bigger in both the inside and outside lanes.

‘The real problem area is after Emsworth towards the Fishbourne roundabout.

‘I started noticing the problem several years ago but it has got worse in the past couple of years.

‘I have noticed drivers are trying to avoid the potholes, particularly when they are driving at 70mph – that, in itself, is dangerous.

‘And there is a risk tyres will blow.

‘The potholes are getting wider and deeper all the time.

‘My fear is there is going to be a serious accident because of them.

‘The problem is particularly bad in winter because of the difficult driving conditions.

‘I believe the government is going to give out money to local authorities to fix potholes and I think it needs to be spent here.’

A spokesman for the Highways Agency said: ‘Safety is a top priority for the Highways Agency.

‘Where there is an imminent safety concern – such as a severe road surface defect – these will be repaired as quickly as possible and usually within 24 hours.

‘The government is investing an unprecedented £24bn in the strategic road network up to 2021, including £6bn for further maintenance and the resurfacing of as much as 80 per cent of the network.’