Fears that decision on new estate has opened development floodgates

Cranleigh Road, Portchester, where new houses will be built, despite opposition
Cranleigh Road, Portchester, where new houses will be built, despite opposition
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CONCERNS have been raised after a wave of development proposals have been sent to a council.

Residents have expressed anger towards Fareham Borough Council after the planning appeal for Cranleigh Road was granted – triggering planning applications from other developers.

Mike Parsons, who lives in Fareham, said: ‘The only reason the planning system is failing the people of Fareham is that the council’s Local Plan is not viable.

‘If they had listened to local people and community groups instead of forcing their Welborne plan through then they would now be in a position to turn down unwanted developments.’

Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Roger Price, said: ‘The decision has opened the floodgates to other developers.’

Cllr Shaun Cunningham added: ‘Since the inspector published his decision on Cranleigh Road, we now have the potential of developers causing gridlock within the planning department.’

In Portchester, residents have been sent letters inviting them to a public consultation for a development on land off Romsey Avenue.

Linda Cane, said: ‘This development, on top of Windmill Grove and Moraunt Drive, is just complete and utter overkill.

‘I agree that new housing is required but the local social infrastructure just can’t accommodate much more.’

Bargate Homes have submitted a request for an environmental impact assessment of land west of Old Street, Stubbington, proposing a development of 180 houses.

Councillor Chris Wood said: ‘The site in question is rural and sits alongside the critically important Titchfield Haven Nature Reserve.

‘I am sure it will be defended robustly by officers.’

Council leader Sean Woodward said: ‘These applications have been coming in over the last year and has nothing to do with Cranleigh Road. We had a three year delay with Welborne but it will now move forward.

‘We will publicise the draft Local Plan in October.’