Ferry users take opportunity to check on their vital signs

The Lifelight crew with Captain Mike Smith. Picture: Wightlink
The Lifelight crew with Captain Mike Smith. Picture: Wightlink
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A FERRY company recently joined forces with a medical initiative to give passengers the chance to monitor their health while travelling.

Wightlink teamed up with Lifelight to give people the opportunity to check their blood pressure, heart rate and respiration rate on board the St Claire from Portsmouth to Fishbourne.

Software installed on an iPad can detect the colour change on a person’s face every time their heart beats and then uses this information to give accurate readings of their heart rate and blood pressure.

With funding from NHS England, this technology has been developed by xim with scientists at the Universities of Portsmouth and Bournemouth in collaboration with researchers and clinicians at Portsmouth Hospitals Trust.

Captain Mike Smith said: ‘I wanted to take part because it’s always good to know how fit you are; I was given a clean bill of health.’

Wightlink chief executive Keith Greenfield added: ‘We were delighted to support this innovative medical initiative – this technology could speed diagnoses and help people who need regular monitoring of their vital signs.’