Festival to bring light into our lives

RAY OF LIGHT Rev Trevor Filtness is encouraging people to attend the festival at St John's Church tomorrow night
RAY OF LIGHT Rev Trevor Filtness is encouraging people to attend the festival at St John's Church tomorrow night
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Rev Trevor Filtness, vicar at St John’s Church, Rowlands Castle describes the special family event at the church

AS the nights get darker, and we approach the winter, we all need something that brings light into our lives.

So tomorrow, we plan to do exactly that in Rowlands Castle. Between 6pm and 8pm, St John’s Church will get together with the Church-on-the-Green to host an evening of family fun.

This is a one-off festival that aims to being light into our lives. There will be games for youngsters and free hamburgers and hot dogs for all.

Don’t worry if you are not a family. Just come along and relax, as you enjoy some food and perhaps a cup of tea.

Food will be available just inside the fence of the Church on the Green, and games in the glass-fronted hall. You can’t miss it as you drive down Redhill Road towards the Green in Rowlands Castle.

Yes, there will be a spiritual side to the evening as well. For those who would like to, you can light a candle in the church itself.

For Christians, this will celebrate Jesus as the light of the world but there may be reasons for wanting to light a candle.

Perhaps you have lost a loved one recently, and want to light a candle in their memory. Perhaps it’s the season where you would rather remember the good things of this world, rather than the darker forces, and the flames can symbolise that for you.

Perhaps you want to say a simple prayer to God and – like millions of others through the centuries – you would like the candle to be the symbol of that prayer.

We know that he listens to our prayers and always promises to answer them.

There are, of course, others who will be celebrating something different over the weekend.

Our intention is not to compete with them, or to stop others from their own celebrations.

But hopefully we can offer something different, and perhaps something more uplifting.

Whatever your reason for being there, and whether you would like to light a candle or not, the evening is for all. Please do enjoy the food and enjoy meeting others from the village.

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