Festivalgoers heap praise on to Victorious as Saturday line-up offers ‘something for everyone’

Jerry Williams at Victorious today Picture: Paul Windsor
Jerry Williams at Victorious today Picture: Paul Windsor
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THERE has been nothing but praise for today’s acts at Victorious Festival – with Feeder, The Hunna and local artist Jerry Williams among the favourites.

Lucy Glasper, 22 from Middlesborough came down to the Southsea fixture with her boyfriend Paul Webster, 22 from Salisbury.

Paul said: ‘The Hunna were the best and they played my favourite songs ‘She’s casual’ and ‘Bonfire’.

‘It was the first time I have seen them but they were amazing and I was surprised by their great stage presence.

‘The atmosphere across the whole festival has been so relaxed.’

Lucy added: ‘I thought it would be a smaller festival but it has been really good.’

Frank Turner Picture: Paul Winsdor

Frank Turner Picture: Paul Winsdor

Welsh rock outfit Feeder, who formed in 1992, performed a 45-minute set on the Common Stage and brought back memories for many.

Vicki Jenkins, from Surrey, said: ‘I was a fan of Feeder when I was younger and I thought they were so good today.’

The 32-year-old added: ‘The festival is really well-organised and although it was busy there was no one overly-drunk.

‘I would absolutely come back again.’

Martin Littlefield from Leeds, who came with friends from university, said: ‘I really liked Feeder, this the first time I have seen them live – they were really great.’

With 12 stages to visit, revellers had a large choice of acts to watch and many discovered new artists.

Jed and Lorraine Hopcraft from Newbury have come three times and told how they enjoyed hearing new music, including Portsmouth pop star Jerry Williams.

Lorraine said: ‘We saw Jerry Williams and she was so good.

‘We didn’t know of her before but she was absolutely brilliant.’

Jed added: ‘She had very good stage presence and she was so professional.

‘She is a little girl with a big voice.’

The couple, who are in their mid 50s, have encouraged their daughter to return next year with her three children.

Lorraine said: ‘ he festival is family-friendly and the children’s area is amazing, I have told my daughter to come with us next year.’

She added: ‘To us, it doesn’t matter who the line up is as there is something here for everyone.’