Fire after man went drinking and fell asleep while cooking

Two fire engines attended
Two fire engines attended
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A MAN who went drinking and then fell asleep while attempting to cook set fire to the kitchen of his Havant flat.

Firefighters were called to Bournemouth House, in Billy Lawn Avenue, after the resident managed to set fire to a frying pan and a spatula at around 8.45pm on Thursday.

Crew manager Ben Holt explained that the man, believed to be in his 40s, had been out drinking, attempted to do some cooking on his return, and then fell asleep.

He said: ‘It was a small fire in the kitchen - the frying pan and spatula and a couple of little bits on top of the cooker.

‘The cause of the fire was the resident of the flat had been out and had a few drinks, and then decided to cook dinner, and had fallen asleep while he was cooking.

‘He hadn’t actually started cooking - he had just managed to cook the spatula at the time we arrived.’

Even when smoke alarms in his flat went off, the man was not roused, and crew manager Holt said he was fortunate other residents heard the alarms and dialled 999.

‘There were no injuries luckily,’ said crew manager Holt. ‘He was lucky it wasn’t serious.

‘He was lucky he had some hard wired smoke detectors fitted in the property, and they were activated by the smoke.

‘All the neighbours heard the smoke alarms and called us to the scene.

‘If he didn’t have the smoke alarms it could have been a different story.’

The result of the incident was minor smoke damage to the flat, but crew manager Holt stressed the important message about not cooking after drinking.

He added: ‘Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service recommend that people do not cook after they have been drinking alcohol.’

The one fire engine dispatched from Havant fire station left the scene at around 9.30pm.