Fire alert on navy’s new £1bn destroyer at base

HMS Dauntless
HMS Dauntless
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FIREFIGHTERS were called to one of the Royal Navy’s new £1bn destroyers after smoke was found in the engine room.

Smoke detectors sounded after a diesel engine malfunctioned on HMS Dauntless on Saturday afternoon.

Three fire engines and an aerial platform arrived at the Portsmouth-based Type 45 destroyer when it was docked at Plymouth Naval Base at 12.45pm.

Fire crews assisted two teams of Royal Navy firefighters who were already responding to the alarm. The ship’s company was evacuated and no-one was injured.

A navy spokesman said: ‘On Saturday afternoon a running diesel engine inside an enclosure suffered a split pipe. This resulted in a lot of atomised liquid and steam or smoke within the enclosure.

‘There was no fire but the smoke detectors were activated and we responded initially as if there had been a fire.

‘The in-built CO2 fire suppression system was not operated and it quickly became evident that there was no fire.’

The spokesman said there was no damage to the ship apart from the split engine pipe, which is a routine, low-cost malfunction.

He added: ‘There were no injuries and no damage. CO2 was not used, nor was any other fixed firefighting system.’

The ship, which has been in service since June last year, is in Plymouth for sea training exercises. She recently returned to Britain from cold weather trials in Norway.