Fire at Portsmouth incinerator

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A FIRE broke out at Portsmouth’s incinerator last night.

Fire crews went to the plant in Quartremaine Road at about 11.30pm after reports of smoke coming from one of the facility’s large machines.

A fire had taken hold of some waste material that was being processed by the equipment.

Ryan Matthews, crew manager at Cosham fire station, said: ‘There was some smoke coming from one of the compactors.

‘It was a machine that separates some of the waste.

‘Unfortunately it had got a bit messed up inside and as a result had caught fire.

‘It was not a very intense fire, but it was protracted because of where it was.

‘We had to dismantle the machinery. The crews had to get inside the machine and take it apart. It was quite a technical job.’

Firefighters were at the scene for more than two hours and put the fire out with water.

‘Towards the end it was just smouldering,’ said Mr Matthews.

The incident was handed back to staff from Veolia Environmental Services to deal with.