Fire damages house after welding accident

BLAZE Police officers in Wilson Road, Stamshaw
BLAZE Police officers in Wilson Road, Stamshaw
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A MOTHER and her four children were evacuated from their home after a car outside caught fire and flames blew onto their property.

Kerry Frampton, 36, was in her home in Wilson Road, Stamshaw, when the blaze took place.

A neighbour had been welding a yellow Fiat Cinquecento, when it caught on fire and the blaze spread to three houses in the street.

Kerry said: ‘My girls were in the upstairs bedroom when one came down and said a car was on fire.

‘I looked out the window thinking it would be further down the street, but it was right outside my house.

‘The neighbour was trying to put it out with water, a fire extinguisher and a dry cloth.

‘I had a feeling the engine might blow, so I took the kids and my dog into the back garden for safety.

‘The girls had become quite hysterical at this point – it was a very frightening experience.’

The force of the fire broke the front windows of the house and caused smoke and fire damage.

The fire happened at 4.20pm today and three engines from Southsea fire station tackled the blaze.

No one was injured.