Fire warning after two sheds destroyed

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TWO garden sheds were completely destroyed by fire after a blaze started in a bin.

The occupant of a home in Vernon Road, Copnor, had been burning waste in a brazier bin, which is specifically designed for that purpose.

The fire appeared to be out, so the owner put the bin away in a wooden shed in the garden.

But in the early hours of yesterday, embers from the bin set the shed on fire.

It destroyed the shed and spread to the neighbours shed, which was also completely burnt.

The blaze also spread to a third shed in Dartmouth Road, which was part-destroyed.

Two fire crews from Cosham were called to the incident at 2am.

Watch manager Steve Pearce said: ‘The person did the right thing by burning waste in the bin.

‘It is a good idea to use a brazier, as a fire is kept secluded to one spot.

‘But you have to make sure the fire is out completely, and you take the ashes out before putting the bin away.

‘You should keep it out for 24 hours, before putting it away.’

Crews were at the fire for about 50 minutes, no one was injured.