Firefighter’s warning after two Portsmouth hoax calls in 24 hours

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‘Drink-driver’ caught with two children in car in Portsmouth

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A CREW manager from a fire station has warned hoax calls can put lives in danger.

Southsea fire station was called out to two fake fires yesterday.

Crew manager Lee Sheen said the waste of resources could mean real fires take longer to respond to, potentially putting lives in danger.

He said: ‘We have to respond to calls and we do not know if it is a false alarm until we have got there. I was in charge and phoned our headquarters and told them. They said it was suspicious and the call had come through from a telephone box.

‘We have to respond if somebody calls. It is using up our resources which may need to be deployed elsewhere.’

The first call was received yesterday just after midnight to a small fire in the Kingston Park area, and a second to Kingston Crescent at 9.10pm.